Thursday, 13 November 2014

Crathorne Bug - long and short applying silk fabric

design transferred onto silk fabric and adhered to a cotton (calico-UK; muslin- USA) base

long and short stitch to secure

Here we go - 

1. Transfer the design to the background fabric of your choice.  I am using an off-white silk dupion

2. I adhered the silk fabric to the base backing fabric using a fusible interfacing or Bondaweb

3. Then, long and short stitch the silk fabric to the base fabric using 'long and short' stitch.  The stitch maybe a feature of the whole design, so try to work as evenly as possible.  I used DMC stranded cotton Col. 644, a pale grey colour.


  1. wow, i want to follow you with this, how wonderful for you to share a little of your knowledge. than you so much

  2. Tracy, I stumbled across your work. It is so very beautiful. Not many embroidery anymore, at least not by hand, and your work is unusual, timeless, delicate and just plain gorgeous.

    1. Thank you so much Gialana. Always lovely to receive such encouraging comments. I do hope to do much more in the future. Thank you for checking out my blog.