Saturday, 29 November 2014

Crathorne Bug - completing block shading

bringing the needle up just inside the previous block

taking the needle down just over the line of the next block

taper stitches at the sides to fit the shape

split stitch the final block, by bringing the needle up in the previous stitch


All using one stranded of stranded cotton, pale colour DMC 822; pale blue DMC 927; mid blue DMC 926; dark blue DMC 376, and a number 9 crewel embroidery needle.

Tips - Keep the stitches 'very' close together, as this will give a finer effect.  Also, keep the stitches firm, not too loose. Always work from the previous row, 'not' into it.


  1. So neat ! the colours .That looks like really good linen too , where do you buy ?

  2. Thank you Daisy Debs. It is actually silk fabric I am working on - see previous posts. The images are just very magnified which makes the fabric look coarse. Keep watching and you will see the final result - eventually, and how big or small the final piece will be.

  3. Fantastic. Please keep posting your embroidery techniques