Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Logo - part four . . .

Starting the Pearl purl from the centre bottom

Encase the thread around the Pearl purl, and make sure it clicks in between the beads on the Pearl purl

Circle complete - meeting both ends - head on
Pearl purl thread is used mainly for outlining and the finishing of gold work.  Outlining is normally applied after most parts of the design have been worked, but in the case of the centre, where I will be filling it with chip work, the outline is applied first, and then the centre can be filled.

I used No.1 Gilt Pearl purl, and started the circle from the bottom middle - a good tip if ever working lettering.  However, this logo of mine, is symmetrical, and therefore does not have a top or bottom as such.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Logo - part three . . .

soft string padding complete ready for the gold cut work
gold cut work - gilt smooth purl; gilt bright check purl, at an angle
worked with a No.10 crewel embroidery needle

gold cut work from the top!

So, here you can see how I do the cut work.  I don't start right at the end, but a little way in, or the centre to get a good angle on the cut work.  These gold or gilt purls are spirals of wire, which bend, and enable the needle and thread to pass through the middle.  I can work this technique quite quickly now with the years of experience I have behind me, although it can be a tricky technique, because these purl threads can fracture and damage easily.

The actual size of this silk and gold cross is about 1½ inches wide, so the images are quite magnified!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Logo - part two . . .

couching over paired passing thread with brick stitch
more couching

couching complete and the ends are ready for plunging
soft string padding ready for cut work

Every time I work this design, I approach it differently, shading with different colours, shading dark to light, or light to dark, working with finer threads or bolder threads. 

I used fine gold passing thread for the couching, which looks very delicate, with the whole piece worked on a linen background.