Thursday, 19 March 2015

Saint Cuthbert's day - 20th March

To celebrate the Feast of Saint Cuthbert, around the 20th March, we are showing two pieces of work in the latest RSN Durham news bulletin, by past Royal School of Needlework students.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Crathorne Bug - needlelace wings continued

Next 6 rows of Corded Brussels stitch work in one strand of 
DMC Col. 680 and one strand of DMC Col. 3828
Close up showing the colour of the needlelace working gradually into a lighter shade
Again, work both wings in unison to keep balanced and equal.

Crathorne Bug - working both wings in unison

both wings worked in unison
After a few trials and tribulations of working these needlelace wings, this is the final result!

I worked both wings side by side in two strands of DMC Col.680, to keep them equal and balanced.  I worked 7 rows on each side starting with 3-4 stitches, and gradually increasing to 8-9 stitches.  It all depends on your tension, but my tip is, do not make your needlelace too tight.