Sunday, 27 January 2013

long and short in crewel wool . . .

shading using one strand of crewel wool and stem stitch for the leaves
long and short shading detail
Working one colour into another by shading can be quite tricky as the shading can look 'banded'.  To over come this, which takes a little experience, the second colour is introduced gradually, and 'feathered' in, whilst the first colour gradually disappears as shading continues.  On top of this, there is direction to cope with, as the shape expands outwards then curves back in.  However, it is such a pleasure to be stitching on lovely Scottish woven linen twill.

Kathy 'The Unbroken Thread' Andrews - is working the same design for Nicola Jarvis for her forthcoming exhibition which will be later in the year at the William Morris Gallery.  Dates will be issued in future posts.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

next stage . . .

long and short, seeding and fishbone stitch

Slowly coming together - showing V-seeding, ordinary seeding, fishbone stitch for the small leaves, and more long and short shading . . .