Friday, 5 April 2013

Lindisfarne Gospel using burden stitch

work in progress

detail of stitch and the working needle

burden stitch
I have continued a little progress with my piece for the North East Embroiderers' Guild regional exhibition celebrating the Lindisfarne Gospels coming to Durham city this summer.  I decided to work burden stitch which has a weaving quality about it and thought it worked quite well.  I used some old silk threads I had and outlined with gold couching.  I wanted the blue area to have a different look to the red area which is very open silk shading with curled couching. 

The exhibition will be held in Durham Cathedral from 27th May to 23th June. 

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  1. Hi Tracy,

    This is really interesting and beautiful. The burden stitch looks great in the narrow section of the design and banding it with gold is a brilliant idea. I'd never seen open silk shading - I'd like to know more about that way of stitching. I wish I could come to your workshop in May but I canNOT find a flight that isn't too expensive. Berlin and Durham are not well connected! It looks like a wonderful workshop.

    Liebe Gruße,