Sunday, 28 April 2013

blanket stitch vs blanket stitch vs satin stitch

close blanket stitching - my preferred!
open blanket stitch - too open!
satin stitching with split stitch - too heavy!
My dilemma this week was - how to make the area around the outside of the big leaves work for me!  I started with Nikki's suggestion of blanket stitch.  I worked the stitch quite open - then I decided it was too open.  I then tried satin stitch as I was not keen on blanket stitch - too heavy!  So I looked at how Kathy from the unbrokenthread blog approached it.  I liked Kathy's approach -  close blanket stitch plus it is quicker than satin stitch and stronger than the open approach I started with.  Decision made - what do you think?


  1. Hi Tracy

    All three look lovely to me. If i had to chose, I would say the close blanket stitch. Or what about open blanket stitch with a satin stitch infil, then the ridge will retain the openness and won't be too heavy. I am sure it will be lovely which ever you choose. Looking forward to seeing the finished article

    Rachel Clare

  2. Just right Tracy.

  3. You have got it perfect with the closed blanket stitch.


  4. Hi Tracy,
    I stared out doing exactly what you did but my spacing wasn't nearly as even as yours! However, I decided to do very close blanket stitch and then infilled with some straight stitches. It was a better choice for my stitching...Whichever you choose it will be just beautiful!

  5. Thanks All!

    I chose close blanket stitch in the end and pulled out all I had worked. It all went in very quickly once I sussed it all.

    Thanks for your help.