Monday, 18 July 2016

Back on the crewel work . . .

Back on the crewel work, but only just!  So, so busy with the 'teaching', but hope to do more on this over the summer.  Still experimenting with ideas, and colours.

In the meantime, I have been feeding my creativity exploring textiles arts.  

Coming soon . . . 


  1. Very fine work as usual. I greatly admire the precision you are working with. I'm a follower of yours from Toronto, Canada and fellow embroiderer. I'm wondering if you would care to give us an advice on tracing patterns. I always have really hard time especially with fuzzy and textured fabrics and yours looks so perfect, well defined and visible.
    Thank you for shearing your beautiful work.

    1. Hello Milena - On this piece I used a white gel pen as it had the best result. I initially transferred the design with white carbon paper, but it is not stay, so I worked over with a white gel pen rather than a white pencil which did not work on the surface of this fabric. If I can, I will always trace a design onto fabric using a light box, otherwise I prick and pounce if using dark dense fabrics, sometimes I use carbon paper, and for counted work, I tack and tear with tissue paper. I hope this helps!