Friday, 10 April 2015

Crathorne Bug - embellishments

to give more definition for the body, work a stitch in DMC Col.3031 over each cross over on the trellis
trellis pattern complete
using DMC Col.3031, work two small stitches to the side of each antenna for the eyes
over the two small stitches, work smaller stitches again to complete the eyes in satin stitch in the same colour
eyes complete
body definition - worked in DMC Col.3031 in tiny running stitch
work a slightly longer stitch on the front, and a smaller stitch behind


  1. I use just one word for tho embroidery...
    Happy weekend.

  2. The details in your embroidery are quite simply amazing!

    I've just started a new Stitchery Link Party and would love to have you come link up.

    I'm sure that my readers would enjoy seeing your beautiful work.

    1. Thanks for your comments - much appreciated! I like your idea very much regarding the Stitchery Link Party - I will try to link in the future, but have a whole lot of work and students to attend to over the next couple of months, but will see if I can link later on. Many thanks again, and I will watch how your Link Party develops. Tracy