Wednesday, 26 February 2014

18th Century waistcoat continued . . .

metallic thread stem stitch
silk shading and with metallic thread!
Hello!  I am back, with more development on my 6-day workshop for Williamsburg, Virginia.  After a lot of trial and tribulation on colour, I think I am happy with the results so far.

Lots more to do . . .


  1. It's coming along very well and I'm looking forward to seeing more.=)

    Tracy, may I pick your brains, please? I own the complete Anchor stranded cottons, but whilst doing some needle painting/shading work recently, I realised that there really are gaps in the colour spectrum. I'm interested in plugging them with any useful DMC shades. Do you have any suggestions on which DMC shades might be worth investing in? I noticed that the RSN book used mostly Anchor with a few DMC supplements, so I thought you may have some ideas. Thanks!=)

    1. Hello Elizabeth - I use mainly DMC, but that is only because I am a stockist, but I do have Anchor and plan to get that stock too at some point. I think it is worth purchasing the purple in DMC as it is vastly different from Anchor, but not sure about any other shades. Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks Tracy. I'll check the purples out. With me it's been mostly greens for needle painting. You know how it it - you can never have enough greens.=)