Friday, 9 January 2015

Crathorne Bug - seeding

Rules on seeding - in my opinion are - 
 - the stitches are all equal in length
 - the stitches are worked in random directions
 - the spacing between the seeding stitches should also be equal to achieve an overall seeded effect

I worked this seeding stitch fairly big and not too small, using one strand of DMC Col. 644


  1. I agree that it gives the piece a look of unity. Don't you find it hard to space the 'seeds' evenly?

    1. Hello Queeniepatch - It is a bit of an art spacing those seed stitches evenly, but I think personally speaking, I find it harder not to place them in random directions. I have to keep stepping out of making a repeat pattern. The spacing, I have just kind of mastered having worked this stitch so many times.