Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Crathorne Bug - dots

Split stitch around the dot
Traditionally the needle is brought up through the previous stitch as it creates less bulk on the back of the work, but this scale is so small, it is possible to bring the needle up in front of the previous stitch and then take down through the stitch - up to you!
Keep the split stitch small as it is such a small area
Begin the satin stitch from the middle bringing the needle up outside of the split stitch, and down over the other side of the split stitch.  The direction of the satin stitch is parallel to that of the oversewing of the trailing on all four sides. 
Satin stitch is worked out from the middle on both sides 
Difficult shape to satin stitch as it is so small - so keep stitches compact and very close together.  
Keep the tension firm

All worked with DMC Col.3782 stranded cotton

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