Thursday, 19 December 2013

Logo - part two . . .

couching over paired passing thread with brick stitch
more couching

couching complete and the ends are ready for plunging
soft string padding ready for cut work

Every time I work this design, I approach it differently, shading with different colours, shading dark to light, or light to dark, working with finer threads or bolder threads. 

I used fine gold passing thread for the couching, which looks very delicate, with the whole piece worked on a linen background.


  1. I seem to recognise that!!=) It's a lovely logo, I like it a lot!

    Thanks for accepting the connection on LinkedIn. I know we've only met a couple of times at shows (and I wouldn't blame you in the least if you couldn't place me, but I was the one who asked about the dog in the RSN book as I'd done a copy myself). I missed you at Harrogate last month!

    Take care and all the best, E.=)

    1. Thanks Elizabeth - working on the final bit now.

      I was at Harrogate, in the basement though, sorry not to have seen you.

      Happy Christmas!


    2. Yes, I went to the basement, but it must have been at a time when you were elsewhere in the Show.=) I only had a couple of hours there, which was NOT long enough and made me come away feeling I hadn't even been!!!

      See you next year all being well and all the best.=)