Wednesday, 1 May 2013

seeding and block shading

seeding with needle action - part 1
seeding with needle action - part 2
seeding complete with Bayeux stitch
block shading over split stitch - stage 1
block shading over split stitch - stage 2
block shading complete!
Seeding - I had worked the seeding previously all over the leaves - then, when I read Nikki's instructions - I realised it only needed to be around the edge of the leaves, which I preferred - so I started again!

Block shading - This stitch is worked similar to long and short shading, except, on the second row, each stitch is worked in line next to one another, so that bands or blocks of shading are created!

P.S. - I have now actually finished this whole project, but I have decided to spread my posts over the coming weeks so you will still be able to follow my progress and watch this crewel work design for Nicola Jarvis's exhibition grow!

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  1. I love reciving the updates, and I am very glad that you are spreading the post as I look forward to them. The stitching you are doing in so lovely. You really are a very skilled embroideress.