Thursday, 25 April 2013

Red leaf veins . . .

Red leaf veins

Stem stitch rows of stitching
Not the easiest thing to photograph - but here is the red stem stitch veins of the bigger leaves using crewel wool on linen twill.  Not the easiest stitch for this technique as the wool yarn snaps constantly with the intensity of the stitch.  However, I am quite happy with the result!


  1. As always a perfect stitching, is coming out beautifully !


  2. Tracy such lovely stitching. Why does the stem stitch put more pressure on the wool? You would never know. did you join midrow?

    I really appreciate your sharing this project.

    Kind Regards,

  3. Tracy, this is gorgeous. Love it.
    Sharon T

    1. can you please blog about stem stitch (and outline stitch a little further)

      Stem stitch keeps wool to the right / below
      and outline to the left / above


      When you do several rows together do you always work each row the same ??

      would love to know more about how to do this and what is the ideal stitch length

      or is there a book that explains it?

    2. Hello - Stem stitch lies bottom left to top right - like a Z-twist, and outline lies top left to bottom right - like a S-twist. It depends which way they are worked to where the thread lies. Thread length is the usual length for an embroidery thread, and yes I work the several rows in a similar way to achieve a smooth appearance. Hope this helps. Not sure which books would explain it in the best way though - they all vary and offer tips in different ways.