Saturday, 6 October 2012

Crown continued . . .

crown update

At last . . . more on the crown.  Now part worked in an exhibition entitled - 'Drawn to Stitch' at UCMK Galleries, University Centre Milton Keynes, 200 Silbury Boulevard, MK9 1LT.  The exhibition runs from 11th October to 9th November 2012.

The crown itself is mainly couching incorporating scoobies, plastic beads I bought from IKEA which I have cut in half both length ways and width ways, and elastic bands worked on linen.  It was really difficult couching the scoobies upright with such tight curls and curves, when they move constantly - but I love the result which is reminiscent of rouleaux decoration.  It has been so far a real learning process, but I fear I will run out of scoobies at some point . . .


  1. This is really cool. I don't know what a scoobie is but I assume they come in several colours and are a soft plastic? How about a picture showing them before you manipulated them?

    1. Hello Heather - I was not sure what they were either - but basically they are plastic strips aimed at kids and young people to make friendship bracelets etc. The construction of using them is not all the dissimilar to straw work. However - I never bought them for this reason - I bought them to do my own thing which I have. They are relatively cheap to buy. Google image - 'Scoobies' - and you will see an array of horrible plastic things . . . but hopefully I have made something wonderful out of what is very commercial - another use! They have great properties for what I want to achieve.

    2. You _have_ made something wonderful. I used to make bracelets out of this stuff years ago (almost 40 years ago). The large circle beads are thicker scoobies cut in slices, then? As you can see, I'm very curious about this. I use found objects in some of my embroideries too and may have to head to Ikea soon.