Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Glove part II . . .

assembling the glove
petit point
This small project for me, was a real exercise in spontaneity, working with mixed media and thinking on my feet to see how different parts or elements of the design form together in a glove template shape.  I still have finishing touches to make, but it has been a very quick project, working with three main colours, including a soft grey, pink and off white, and simple stitches, but hopefully perfectly placed.  I was looking for the vintage aged look, and I selected threads fabrics, materials and bits which represented this, some of which comes from Mandy's stash which she very kindly let us use.

The border patterns came from a danish stitch book which I have acquired from somewhere - 'Book of Danish Stitchery' Danish Handicraft Guild, Designed by Gerda Bengtsson 

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