Sunday, 18 March 2012

machine embroidered fringing

machine embroidered fringing - experimental!
Experimenting and making fringing using my Bernina sewing machine primarily for City & Guilds teaching.  I used natural fabrics, and natural colours including silk, calico and organza.  Techniques include fraying, free style machine embroidery, and wrapped cords.  I loved experimenting, and still have more ideas.

The other thing I should have said about my 'machine fringes' is that, I always seem to insist on working with white, off white, natural, etc. - and therefore - really difficult to photograph, with a lot of editing in Photoshop!


  1. Very pretty! I'd like to see your other experiments too..

  2. I shivered a little when I read the word 'machine' but ... it's really lovely!

    1. Hi Elmsley - I very much make machine embroidery my own, as I still want it to look hand crafted and special!

  3. Hi Tracey,
    I came back to your blog today to apologise! I thought I was in Martelvonc's blog when I read your entry, so was somewhat surprised to see 'machine embroidery', since she is so much a historical embroiderer. Hence my reaction.
    Your blog is new to me - and I'm excited that you are blogging :-)
    The fringe looks very much hand crafted and special - it's lovely! Forgive me - I'm such a luddite, and you are a very talented artist.